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How is the payment process working?

Currently we only offer PayPal as a payment method. Simply click on the „Sign Up“ button. Just fill in your email address, that’s it. After you submitted the form you automatically get a 30 days trial for free. You will receive an email with your login details. After you figured out how useful our simple and awesome Amazon Ranking Keyword tool is, you can subscribe on a monthly or annual base. Just go to Settings > Subscription & Payments, choose your preferred plan and pay with Paypal. Congratulations, you are now part of our awesome community!

What are the steps of my subscription?
  1. Click to subscribe here and get 30 days of free testing
  2. Just fill in your email address and submit the form
  3. You will get an email with your login data
  4. Go to and log in with your login credentials
  5. You can test our tool 30 days for free!
  6. After your free trial has ended, go to your Subscription & Invoices
  7. Chose a plan and pay with PayPal. Your account upgrades automatically. (No new login required!)
  8. Use the Tool as much as you like (while your sub. is ongoing, of course 😉 )
How often do you refresh the rankings?

We’re refreshing all Keyword Rankings every day anew. To make sure that you can work with this data after you woke up, we do our best to have all rankings ready before 8 am (UTC+1:00). Because we’re growing very fast it might happen that certain Keyword data appears with a slight delay.

What features do you offer?

We offer you a wide range of features to analyze ranking data and keep your products monitored. First of all, you can save both keywords and products (ASINs). With our „combine“ feature you can connect keywords to products, which allows you to monitor how a certain product ranks on the SERP according to certain keywords. Our set of analyzing tools includes average rankings, ranking historys, top and flop lists, ranking distributions and many more. All the information is nicely arranged in tables and graphs, to give you the best possible overview! You can export reports to different file formats, too. We do everything to help you understand how your products rank and how you can improve the position.

Is it possible to build custom reports?

As of now, we only provide a wide range of predefined reports. But we will introduce customizable reports in the near future.

Can I export reports to other file formats?

Yes, we offer you many possibilities to export reports, for example in CSV, PDF, Excel and the standard print format. We will introduce a API in the near future to make data transfer even more convenient for you.

Do you offer an API?

Yes we’re happy to introduce our new API. Soon every account will get access to it. Please feel free to ask about it more with our contact form.

Which Amazon markets do you offer at the moment?

At the moment we only offer AmzRank for the German Amazon market, but we will introduce other markets very soon!

Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer a free basic tool support. If any errors occur in our tool or if you have problems with the usability, you can contact us via email. If you need consulting regarding the interpretation of ranking data or which actions to take to improve your rankings you can contact our partner agency. They are experts in marketplace analytics and marketplace optimization and are very happy to support you at a fair price.

Why are you cheaper than other tools?

We focus on giving you beautiful data, meaningful reports and a tool that can be used very easy and intuitive. We don’t waste money on features you don’t need. We are simple but awesome!

When can I end my subscription?

You can end your plan anytime. There is no cancellation period. The plan will still be valid till the end of the currently paid period. At the moment we offer a cancellation via PayPal.

Do you offer a partner program?

Yes sure, get all details here.

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